Our purpose is to assist in building a just world by transforming the lives of young people. Educating and encouraging them to understand and analyse the socio-economic, cultural and political aspects of society will help to stimulate their conscience to bring in a social commitment to build the Kingdom of God in India and the globalised world.

We aspire to light the aspirational torch for young people who do not have the resources and the guidance to a better life. We work towards the empowerment of our youth and hope to help them find the purpose and meaning of their lives.


With the right resources, support, and training, people can be enabled to solve their own problems. Rather than following random and impulsive approaches, we follow a long-term systematic approach with spiritual, social, psychological, contextual, intellectual and creative integration.

We follow the praxis of experience, reflection, involvement and transformation. With respect to networking and partnering for our processes, we firmly believe in collaborating with other individuals and organizations who share our values.


Through our programmes we empower young people who are attending schools and colleges and even those who have dropped out.

  • PEP – Personal Enhancement Programmes
  • MAGIC - Men & Women Aiming at Greater Initiatives for Change
  • MuST – Multi Skill Training
  • SS – Summer Shapes
  • Yuvotsavaalu – YES-J's Youth Festival
  • VIP – Voluntary Immersion Programme
  • SSP – Scholar Support Programme


YES-J believes:
"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much"- Helen Keller

True to our belief, we sincerely welcome opportunities to foster a culture of collaboration, cooperation and partnership with all like-minded individuals, organisations, business houses, governments – across the state and beyond – who would like to join us to encourage, employ and empower young people to say 'YES' to their dreams.


Empowering the youth is a never-ending job. There is always another 'Young person' to begin our journey with. We are deeply convinced that this mission of empowering the youth is tough and challenging.

We are aware of the fact that persevering the effort well, through the strain of youth ministry, is a serious responsibility. We resolve to PERSEVERE with faith, hope and love.