Today's youth face a number of issues like conflict and rejection in significant relationships, alcoholism and addictions, suicidal tendencies, the negative influence of social media, the thirst for acceptance and so on.

Some factors that contribute to these issues are situational causes, poverty, cultural stress, lack of religious or spiritual connections and violence.

Personal Enhancement Programmes are tailor-made orientations, courses, seminars or workshops to help the youth be confident to face the complexities of life. These programmes are offered to youth of any institution or organised group on invitation to EDUCATE AND EMPOWER them to overcome challenges and difficulties.

Take a look at the impact of PEP till 2018.


students from 70 institutions have participated.


teachers of 21 institutions have benefitted.

"It was a wonderful experience filled with fun and work, engaging most of the people in activities and also being part of the events. Altogether, it was a spiritual and motivational experience for me."
- Richard

"This camp enhanced my communication skills and increased my confidence levels."
- Sagar